Ashfaq Textile Mills Limited
Ashfaq Textile Mills Limited

Greige Loom State fabrics

Our state of the art Sulzer Shuttle less looms are capable of producing variety of weaves as per our customer's specific requirements.  1/1 Sheetings, 2/1, 3/1 Twills and Drills, 4/1 Sateens, Duck fabrics, Dobby design fabrics and many more

Solid Dyed Fabrics

We Offer a variety of solid sate dyed fabrics dyed using:-  

Stantor Machine with or without IR (Infra Red), Jigger Machines, Thermosole Dyeing machines.

Printed Fabrics

High Quality printing is done on state of the art Rotary Printing machines.

Quality Control

Quality is our First and Foremost priority.  Our highly qualified team ensures that the quality of the fabrics, may it be Greige looms state, Dyed or Printed is in compliance not only to our customer's requirements but also to the international industry and envoirnment standards.

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